California’s We Were Superheroes Joins QMG

It’s not often you find a band associated with superpowers, but who’s complaining. We Were Superheroes is an alternative rock band in San Luis Obispo, California and they are here to save music. Matt Preston formed the band in early 2012 when he found Nolan Perry while looking to record all of the instruments. At that time, Nolan had just graduated from a recording school and was looking to expand his knowledge and experience. The pair partnered up on this new recording project that later formed into a band. The two sought contributions from other San Luis Obispo bands like members from PK, The Mighty Fine, and Oh My Land to enhance the record.

With their debut album (Let’s Play Pretend) gaining positive reviews, they found drummer Dave Chock and bassist Benedict Erchul, Nolan picked up lead guitar, and the band went out to play shows. Things started to pick up and the band has been featured on several websites and magazines, even getting radio time with their single “Friday Knights.” The band has been working hard on music videos with one already finished for the song “Donde Esta.” With more touring and music videos on the way, We Were Superheroes hopes to begin working on a new album in the fall.

For future tour dates, music videos, and any We Were Superheroes news, stay tuned to QMG! Links for the band can be found after the jump.

Borrowed from We Were Superheroes Facebook Page

Listen to the music on ReverbNation, like them on Facebook, watch them on YouTube, and check them out on NumberOneMusic.

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